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Hitchhiking In the Axis of Evil – By thumb in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan, has become a travel classic in Spanish language (original versión), selling over 8,000 copies withot counting previous self published editions.

It was published in 2010 by Del Nuevo Extremo (Argentina) and RBA (Spain), both large press groups. In 2017, the intellectual rights reverted to the author who decided to manage the Spanish version independently, despite renewal offers.

However, the author is actively looking for publishers in the US and UK, where the book has the biggest potential, given the engagement it has generated in coutries not even remotely involved in the Middle East arena and the ever rising demand for off-the-beaten-track travel related content.

The current English language edition (paperback and ebook) was published by Sudpol (Argentina) who only holds the rights of distribution in Argentina and Chile.

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