Besides being the crazy guy that hitchhiked to Afghanistan I am a travel writer, blogger and digital nomad. I am the creative mind behind Acróbata del Camino (Acrobat of the Road) travel blog (Spanish only), contributor to National Geographic VIAJES magazine (Spain), and the author of four books.

Acróbata del Camino has been online since 2005, which makes it one of the first travel blogs in Spanish language. The blog’s potential to spark wanderlust  in its readers became evident from the beginning and it soon emerged as a wildly popular online resource for independent travelers avid to discover off-the-beaten track destinations.

As a travel blogger, I strive to provide:

  • Accurate practical information and travel tips –from tips on backpacking Europe to how to apply for a Tibet travel permit.
  • First-hand accounts of each destination with an inquisitive look at local culture and society.
  • Articles featuring travel as a way to engage more deeply with local communities and as a self-edifying, empowering art.

Thanks to this authoritative content, Acróbata del Camino enjoys a loyal audience of over 100,000 followers on social media, and receives an average 50,000 monthly visits. People now say I am a travel influencer, but no such expression existed when I began!

In 2016 my site was ranked 4th among the most influential travel blogs in the Spanish language by EL PAIS, Spain’s leading newspaper, and has been mentioned, quoted or featured by influential media such as The New York Times (USA), Zeit (Germany), CNN and others. See my PressKit in Spanish

As a consequence, I have regularly taken part in digital marketing campaigns for a wide range of destinations and brands, from cruise ship companies to safari operators, airlines or hotels. (Because YES, I love experimental low budget travel BUT my readers come from all across the spectrum seeking honest reviews and inspiration for their next adventure).

I am one of Avianca’s Travel Bloggers and a member of 3 Travel Bloggers travel show.

Unlike many advertising platforms, I only write about experiences, products and services I have tested first-hand. Carefully crafted, honest reviews are the base of my readership’s trust and the guarantee of success of the campaigns I undertake.

Brands and organizations that have already worked with me include:

I am willing to work together with brands who understand how associating with real life travelers can add value to their digital presence and credibility.

If your brand is searching to expand in the Latin American and Spanish market, we want to hear from you. MediaKit sent on request.